A better way to get your daily task done

Huvid Connect is an Artificial Intelligence(NLP) powered personal assistant that helps you purchase Airtime, TV Subscriptions, Electricity, Movie & Event Tickets. As you converse with Huvid, she creates deep knowledge responses guiding you thoughout the conversation.

Powered by AI

Go Smart! Go Huvid!!

Making use of our high tech AI software, we offer end to end solution that focuses on helping you make purchases in a conversational method.

Smart ChatBOT

Integrated with conversational skills, our chatBot can easily understands your request

Multiple Payment Options

We accepts various payment methods ranging from Debit cards, Bank Transfer and Huvid Wallet

Data Security

We priotize data security at Huvid and have set a PCI - DSS Standard

Amazing Customer Service

We have put in place a team of customer support to help you handle queries, refunds and cancellations.


Can we chat anytime?

Yes! You can chat with Huvid anytime, we are available 24/7. Simply text Hello to begin a conversation.

How do i contact customer support?

It's Simple! text Help to Huvid and choose from the menu. You can reach us via Email and Whatsapp Chat also.

Are my Informations and Data Secured?

Yes! We priotize data security at Huvid and have set a PCI - DSS Standard. However, please do-not release your personal Bank Informations or OTP to anyone claiming to be from HUVID.

How does the Bank Transfer Payment work?

Select the Bank Transfer option and make payment to the Bank Account. After which you should upload your transfer or debit screenshot and add your phone number. You will be contacted immediately your payment is confirmed

Get the app now!

Launching Soon, enjoy the DEMO for now.